BDCreator® PLUS

On the basis of the information determined by the dentist, a patient-individual digital full denture is created in several working steps using the BDCreator® PLUS. The handling of the BDCreator® PLUS is easy to learn due to the logical and clear user interface. Since the software works with the standard .stl file format, it is easy to integrate into the existing dental laboratory workflow.

The selection and automatic alignment of the row of teeth is based on the information of the position of the occlusal plane and the center of the face obtained on the patient. Individual adaptation of these parameters is possible at any time during construction.

The model analysis according to Gerber or TiF helps the user in the selection of the appropriate tooth arch width. The visualisation of the facial plane and the virtual articulator support the user in the control of the design regarding the statics and position of the tooth rows in the interalveolar space. Individual gum characterisation is possible after generation of the denture bases.


Key Features

  • Import data of models, impressions, bite registrations, BDKEY® or relined full dentures as well as the registration of matching data
  • Software-based  model analysis helps in the selection of the appropriate size and tooth arch width
  • With virtual articulator and undercut control
  • Visualization of the layers supports checking the computerised design as for statics, position and number of posteriors
  • Wiki-feature directly linked to the respective description of the work step
  • Reline impression as an alternative to the BDKEY® Set


BDCreator® PLUS Demo Version: Download


System requirements:

Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 1607 or higher)

CPU: Intel Core-i7 – 2600 (Socket 1155)
Graphic: Nvidia GTX 560 mit 2GB Video RAM
Screen resolution: 1080p (1920×1080 or higher)


CPU: Quad-Core und 2.8 Ghz
Graphic: 1GB Video RAM from Nvidia or ATI, minimum able to DirectX 11
Screen resolution: 1080p (1920×1080 or higher)


CAM processing

After CAD creation of the full dentures in BDCreator® PLUS, the data is transferred to an appropriate CAM module in an .stl file format for a partly automated calculation of the milling paths.

An interface has been defined by Merz Dental for this purpose, which different milling machine manufacturers have on hand. To define the milling strategy for processing the BDLoad® in a 3+2-axis milling procedure or 5-axis simultaneous milling procedure, it is advisable to contact the machine manufacturer.