Benefits for the practice

Patients are often apprehensive about having new, removable dentures made because the procedure is very time-consuming due to the many appointments and is not always pleasant. Frequently, additional follow-up treatments are required due to subsequent material and system-related bruising.

For this reason, BDS and its system is also convenient for the sometimes age-related limited mobility of many patients due to the fewer number of appointments. Dentures manufactured from a milling blank feature high material safety and very good accuracy of fit.

These are only a few reasons to decide in favour of full dentures manufactured with the Baltic Denture System. Using the BDKEY® Set allows the patient to experience the aesthetics and function of their future dentures in the first appointments and actively take part in their creation. In addition, travel or replacement dentures can be created
from the existing data.


Benefits for the practice

  • Predictable results
  • Only 2 appointmens required
  • More time for patients
  • Efficiency / Profitability
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Future-orientated technology
We are constantly evaluating new technologies that enter into the dental space. What is important to us is that the product or technology makes us more efficient at delivering dentistry, is cost effective, and provides superior results and value to our patients. In addition to all of these, the Baltic Denture System also is very easy to use and implement into a dental practice. Dentists who have struggled with denture procedures will find BDS a breath of fresh air. BDS also allows the dentist to delegate the majority of the process to auxiliaries. I was impressed with how positively patients have responded to the procedure and the product.

Christian Yaste, DDS Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, Charlotte, NC

I have the opportunity to work with the BDS protocol in the Prosthodontics Department in LSU School of Dentistry. With its reasonable limitations the system is one of the smartest, simplified, precise digital denture protocol we have worked with. The practicality to collect the records is outstanding. I was very impressed with the professionalism and honesty of the Merz Dental team. The protocol is a reality and the potential for growth and expansion of the indications is palpable.

Marco Brindis, DDS Assistant Professor of Clinical Prosthodontics Interim Chair, Department of Prosthodontics, LSU School of Dentistry